Intent to Support and Experience to Coach with the Power of Intuitive Tarot Readings:

Sahil Sharma - an experienced and certified intuitive tarot reader, and a life coach holds the flag for Simple Life Tarot as a part of Seers Healing Arts. Sahil is also the author of the book, "Please Step Forward, You Are About to Change" and he has been supporting people from all walks of life professionally in global corporations and personal levels.

He believes in holistic and actionable learning that adapts to a modern, practical world, while engaging in a variety of tools & practices, including Tarot, Mediumship, Reiki, Medical Intuition, Intuitive Listening & Guidance, Spiritual Intelligence, Life & Leadership Coaching and more. His focus is to soulfully, mindfully and strategically provide support geared towards enhancing mental health & well-being, reducing stress and living a more purposeful and fulfilling life.

The intent of Simple Life Tarot is to bring intuitive tarot-astrology readings to make your life simpler by sharing the knowledge, information and the wisdom that the universe has for you through this divinity tool. However, the knowledge and wisdom can only be harnessed to its full potential when it is mindfully and strategically put into action. This is exactly where Simple Life Tarot takes pride in supporting its clients with a step ahead. How? Read below.

Power of Trusted Tarot Consultation, Coaching & Actions

When you get your tarot readings with Simple Life Tarot, you get to experience the shift from the mystical and subconscious insights to the practical grounds of your reality through consultation and coaching support. That's a game changer that truly transforms you and gets you "UNSTUCK"!

Post your tarot reading, you have the option to receive robust behavioral coaching support* based on your context and tarot consultation. Read more about Tarot-based Holistic Behavioral Life Coaching.

If you are seeking an answer, it shall be there. Reach out to Simple Life Tarot with an open heart and mind. Let the soul journey take its course to serve your highest good.

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*Note: Coaching support is not a mandatory service clients are required to take. Simple Life Tarot and any associated entities cannot be held legally or informally liable to any degree or form for its clients' actions and their understanding of the consultation or coaching. Clients might be required to sign a consent form before receiving coaching support. All information and consultation with Simple Life Tarot remains confidential, unless required by the law for disclosure. Coaching support should not be treated as an alternative to seeking legal, medical or other kinds of professional support. Please contact your medical practitioner or an expert in your areas of concerns for appropriate help.