Tarot-Based Holistic Behavioral-Life Coaching

The Power of Trusted Tarot Consultation & Coaching

Simple Life Tarot takes great pride in going a step ahead of other tarot reading services. When you get your tarot readings with Simple Life Tarot, you get to experience the shift from mystical and subconscious insights to the practical grounds of your reality through consultation and coaching support. That's a game changer that truly transforms you and gets you "UNSTUCK"! 

After your tarot reading, you have the option to receive robust behavioral coaching support* based on your context and tarot consultation.

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The Art and Science Put Together - Insights & Inspired Actions

We specialize in bringing the expertise of Tarot-based Behavioral-Life Coaching. Research shows that once you are able to find the right area to work upon with a concrete plan, it opens up several opportunities to significantly transform and improve your quality of life. As a trusted consulting partner, we work towards exploring your motivations, drives with yourself and the outer world, also your strengths and development areas using research-based and scientifically validated tools.

While a tarot reading will provide the intuitive insights into your context, the coaching support and a practical plan will help you move forward with a pragmatic approach and greater confidence in life.

Why Should You Engage in Tarot-Based Holistic Behavioral Life Coaching?

Here are a few reasons why it is highly recommended to get coaching:

What Happens in Tarot-Based Holistic Behavioral Life Coaching?

Here are a few components of Tarot-based Holistic Behavioral Life Coaching (in person or distant):

How Much Will It Cost?

Investing in yourself or your relationships is always worthwhile!

There will be two elements to this session - assessment and tarot-astrology-based life coaching. Please note that this is an optional continuation of a tarot reading and not a part of it. 

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*Note: Coaching support is not a mandatory service clients are required to take. Simple Life Tarot and any associated entities cannot be held legally or informally liable to any degree or form for its clients' actions and their understanding of the consultation or coaching. Clients might be required to sign a consent form before receiving coaching support. All information and consultation with Simple Life Tarot remains confidential, unless required by the law for disclosure. Coaching support should not be treated as an alternative to seeking medical support. Please contact your medical practitioner or an expert in your areas of concerns for appropriate help.