Gift a Reading!

Gift a Reading to Yourself, a Friend or a Loved One!

There can't be a more beautiful gift than extending the divine guidance of Tarot to yourself, a loved one or a friend. Choose from a variety of gift cards* and spread the love and care!

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*Note: Simple Life Tarot and any associated entities cannot be held legally or informally liable to any degree or form for its clients' actions and their understanding of the consultation or coaching. Clients might be required to sign a consent form before receiving coaching support. All information and consultation with Simple Life Tarot remains confidential, unless required by the law for disclosure. Coaching support should not be treated as an alternative to seeking medical support. Please contact your medical practitioner or an expert in your areas of concerns for appropriate help.
The gifts cards are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. The offers presented by Simple Life Tarot cannot be combined. The gift cards do not expire.